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Veza means connection. To bring together. To deepen our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. 

Veza is a Pilates studio using creative approaches and techniques while holding true to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. We are a community of people on an exploration to discover more about the ways in which we live through our physical bodies in relationship to ourselves, our environment and one another. We explore the interconnection that exists through all aspects of our beings. We believe in deepening awareness through movement, all kinds of movement. Though Pilates is our core we also use massage, meditation, sound and more to guide us on this adventure. We welcome all with no judgement and no expectation other than to show up, be present, and have some fun!

New! Client Appreciation Referral Reward!

We really appreciate when you spread the word about all the Pilates love we’re creating and sharing at Veza. We would like to offer you a little something to say thank you for helping our community grow. Every time you bring in a friend or family member that you think would enjoy diving into our Pilates and movement exploration, and they purchase a package of any kind you will receive a $25 credit to use toward whatever you would like! A Private session, your next package, the monthly Sacred Sound Journey, a massage, whatever makes you happy and helps supports your own movement and healing practice.

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