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Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom

"This Practice is the direct path for the purification of beings, for the surmounting of sorrow and lamentation, for the attainment of the true way, for the realization of nibana - namely the Four Foundations of Mindfulness."                                                                   

                                                                                                            The Buddha


     The obvious question for all of us, as we engage in the practice of Insight Meditation, is how in fact does the practice of mindfulness - that is feeling the body, feeling the breath, observing thought - actually lead to liberation? How does it all work?

     This question is particularly relevant now given the widespread teachings of mindfulness where liberation is not the stated goal. The practice is not generally thought of in the context of awakening. We want to understand how it leads to the highest goal, the highest potential. Mindfulness is not an end in itself, but a methodology...awareness is not enough!

     During this evening Isabel will offer a talk on this topic, and together we will sit and practice to explore what we do learn from being mindful.

*No previous experience in meditation is required. All levels are welcome! $30 donation