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Meditation Practice Group with Isabel Fleury

  • Veza Pilates Studio 703 Lighthouse Avenue Pacific Grove, CA, 93950 United States (map)

It is thought that whatever your personal history, whatever your story, whatever you may have gone through or might yet go through there is a capacity within everybody that can never ever be broken. It may be and is usually covered over and disguised, or hard to find and often hard to trust. If we look deeply enough inside we can discover this capacity, this wisdom, this ability to understand your life, to love, to connect and be free.

Meditation in the pali language, the one of the buddhist texts, is bhavana or cultivation. This means we all can cultivate the grounds so the qualities we want more in our lives can emerge. Qualities like clarity, patience, presence and so on. Like we take care of the body by feeding it well, exercising, and getting enough sleep so the health of our immune system can be strengthened making us less vulnerable to illness, meditation supports the strength of the mind's immune system. It creates a healthy disposition of the mind, so it will be less susceptible to negative thoughts and feelings giving us a deeper sense of peace and ease in our lives.

Come explore the benefits of a meditation practice with the support of a sangha or community. This began as a 4 week series and has become a regular Thursday evening gathering led by Isabel Fleury. We focus on the practice of insight or mindfulness meditation with a brief check in and talk about what the focus of the evening will be. Each evening is from 7-8pm, with the majority of the hour spent in guided meditation.. Each session is $15 paid directly to the lovely Isabel, or if you have a mat class package with the studio you may use that as well. This is open to all in the community, so even if you're not interested in Pilates or yoga feel free to join us and spread the word to family or friends who may be interested!