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Archetypal Astrology: A Self Exploration Journey with Isabel Fleury

Join Isabel for a journey into the deeper understanding of this moment in time, and how to participate and co-create with it all in a healthy and skillful way. We will use the astrology symbols to understand the collective and individual mind and life now.

The astrological chart can be seen as a description of the way we are likely to process experience and see the world. We can use it as a tool to bring clarity, and to contact who we really are in essence therefore supporting wholeness to arise. It offers the opportunity to become more aware of how we tend to relate and react/respond to our inner and outer world and reality itself. This then fosters more awareness of our attitudes and their ripples into the world. In every moment we can choose to respond skillfully to what happens, growing closer and closer to being wiser and healthier... growing closer and closer to being a whole person. This is an avenue open to everybody! 

In this class we will take some time to meditate together. Then we will look specifically at understanding more of the Uranus - Pluto - Jupiter archetypal complex, and how this combination, a rare one, manifests in the world and in our personal lives. As we have more clarity we can choose practical and helpful ways to bring those principles into our daily lives, being in service of the greater good and this compassionate universe.

This workshop is $30 and no previous experience is needed

* 20% discount will be given to all the participants that have interest in scheduling a private session or a package of sessions.

Recommend reading: Rick Tarnas essay, An introduction to Archetypal Astrology - we can find it on my website